This package includes 6 – 1 hour sessions with the Reno Girls.
During our sessions we will focus on the following:

Session One

  • Mindset: We will assess where you are right now in your business and formulate a vision of where you want your future boss self to be. We will also work on your mindset to help uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent you from living your best life and creating the business you desire.

Session Two

  • Client Avatar: Perform and in-depth review and analyze your current Client Avatar to ensure you are targeting and marketing to the right audience and speaking to their pain points. This review will make sure your marketing efforts and dollars are spent on the best and most profitable prospects who are actually interested in your products or service.

Session Three

  • Marketing Strategy: Review your current value proposition, marketing plans and social media strategy to ensure you are maximizing your marketing dollars, reaching prospective customer, and turning those customers into consumers of your products or services.

Session Four

  • Growth Strategy: Identify and create high level goals and a solid plan of action to grow and expand your business and revenue.

Session Five

  • Business Credit Review: Perform and in-depth review of your business credit profile and credit reports to assess the credit and financial health of your business and formulate a plan to improve both your profile and business credit scores which will in turn increase your business fundability.

Session Six

  • Funding Strategy: Create and define a solid funding strategy for your business so that you can possibly obtain the capital and financing that you need to grow and expand your business. Scale: Formulate a strategy to scale your business by making the most of current opportunities for growth and cost savings while increasing profitability.


We help established entrepreneurs solidify a growth strategy to scale their business and increase fundability.

Do you want to grow your business, improve your credit profile, and increase fundability? 

Our premiere consulting sessions will help to set clear business goals, improve your marketing strategy, and strengthen your business profile thus helping you obtain the funding you need to grow your revenue and scale your business.


One on One Premium Consulting Package $997
We look forward to speaking with you and discovering “Where Your Profits Live”


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